This new LSD sample revealed that the newest apex of the curvilinear relationships was at the latest 302 buddy position

Hypotheses Screening

Hypothesis 1 predicted a curvilinear (inverted U-shaped) relationship between the number of friends a profile owner has and observers’ perceptions of the profile owner’s (a) social and (b) physical attractiveness. In order to test these relationships, one-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) were conducted with number of friends latinomeetup as the independent variable and social attractiveness and physical attractiveness as the dependent variables. Hypothesis 1a was supported. Results showed a significant quadratic effect for the relationship of number of friends on social attractiveness, F (1, 129) = 2.78, p = .098, ? 2 = .02. 2 2 A statistical significance rule of p < .10 for directional hypothesis tests was employed, given the a priori prediction of the inverted-U curvilinear function (see Levine & Banas, 2002 ). Descriptive statistics appear in Table 1. In order to confirm the direction of the curve, the means were subjected to a post-hoc least significant differences (LSD) test. That is, targets were viewed as most socially attractive when they had 302 friends.

  • Note: Means with different superscripts differ within columns at the p < .05 level.

The relationship anywhere between level of loved ones and you can bodily appeal failed to stick to the predict curvilinear dating. The overall F and also the specific try to possess quadratic effects was in fact not very much, F (1, 1dos9) = 2.47, p = .119. Theory 1b was not supported. Post-hoc LSD analyses didn’t inform you one pairwise variations one of the five means (discover Desk step 1).

Hypothesis dos predict a good linear matchmaking between your number of loved ones a profile proprietor possess and you can observers’ thinking of the reputation owner’s extraversion. An omnibus you to definitely-means ANOVA that have extraversion because centered changeable try high, F (4, 129) = step three.a dozen, p= .02. Although not, the fresh linear impression given from the H2 wasn’t offered, F (step 1, 1dos9) = 2.32, p = .thirteen. Rather, a significant quartic perception came up, F (step 1, 129) = 5.66, p= .02. Blog post hoc analysis having fun with LSD comparisons presented significant pairwise distinctions among some of the tissues suggesting (a) a beneficial curvilinear upside down-You perception complete, into the high quantity of extraversion occurring within 502 friends level. Regardless of if detected extraversion trailed away from outside of the top, the higher variety of family members (702 and you will 902) sparked not less extraversion than the apex. However, a reduced variety of nearest and dearest (102 or 302) prompted somewhat lower extraversion judgments compared to the apex out of 502 (look for Desk 1 for complete performance). It appears that which have even more family unit members in reality connotes greater extraversion for Myspace profile customers, some as predict, but that relationship is not a direct linear pattern. More extroverted attributions was relegated to individuals which have a heightened-than-mediocre amount of loved ones.


The goal of this study were to influence the kind out of the relationship ranging from sociometric indications out-of connectedness illustrated to your Myspace and you may the fresh societal elegance, real attractiveness, and you will extraversion of profile holder observed of the anyone else. This research presented questions about the type ones matchmaking and then discover ramifications of everything generated by the newest social network program for the others’ perception of individuals into the a social network environment.

You will find a good curvilinear matchmaking amongst the level of family relations that character owners are speculated to keeps and you will others’ attitudes of its public appeal. Even more especially, regarding the position where character owner met with the fewest friends (102), ratings of person’s personal appeal was in fact among the many lowest. Critiques of your own individual’s societal attractiveness was indeed highest if character displayed that reputation owner got just as much as 300 relatives. Past that number of relatives, reviews of a visibility customer’s personal elegance denied in order to an even dealing with brand new 102 family relations standing. Even though there was zero extreme differences between personal appeal regarding the most lowest and incredibly ideal number of friends’ requirements, the absolute values of one’s associated means is trending from the direction you to definitely implies it’s best for unnecessary family rather than keeps too little.


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